2012’s Best Apps For Dentists

Put your smartphone to work in your dental practice

Administrative costs can be killer for a private dental practice; anything that makes the bean-counting and paperwork load lighter on a dentist’s office will save you time and money. These smartphone apps can make your dental practice leaner and more efficient, allowing you to be more responsive to your patients’ needs, and make your office more competitive.

  1. My Dentist (Android)

This app lets you stay connected with patients at any time. Your patients can use MyDentist by Dental Anywhere to contact your office, request an appointment, and access pre- and post-operation instructions to make sure your procedures are as effective as possible. Patients can keep track of past and future appointments, pre-screen their dental emergencies, and request an appointment with the office, all from their phones. MyDentist can also lead them directly to your office from their current position, and enable them to refer others to your service, without leaving the app. It’s a bit pricey to add your office to MyDentist, but if your local market is competitive and you want to provide stand-out service, this app may be the way to go.

  1. Dental Manager (iPhone)

Dental Manager can calculate your dental costs and construct a treatment plan for individual patients, all from your smartphone. Keep track of your patients with photos, contact information, and detailed notes. You can use the cost assessment and treatment planning to consult with your patients, helping them decide the best course for their dental health. The app also makes it easier to share information between co-workers and colleagues, to ensure low-cost, effective care.

  1. Dental Expert (iPhone)

Dental Expert is a great resource to provide for your patients so they’re as informed as possible about what you do and why. It’s full of great general information, including tips to maintain good oral health and hygiene, options for individuals with missing or damaged teeth (such as visiting a Katy cosmetic dentist), and demystifying procedures such as root canal. As your patients get better informed about their dental health, they’ll be less afraid of routine checkups and operations, benefiting both you and them. It’s also useful for patients considering orthodontia, allowing them to learn more about the available options without a lengthy consultation.

  1. All Things Dentistry (Android)

Primarily for dental students and other dental professionals, this app helps you keep abreast of new clinical and lab techniques in the industry, and allows you to search a broad array of current dental literature. You can search by topics including anesthesia, implants, endodontics, orthodontics, and oral surgery, all from your phone. You can also watch video of procedures being performed to help you get a handle on good practice. If you’re a dental student, or you work in a dentist’s office, this app can help you stand above the crowd.

  1. Dental Appointments (Android)

This is another good app to recommend to patients, to make setting appointments easier on both them and your receptionist. Patients can research dental terminology, find your website, schedule and confirm appointments, pay bills, message your staff, and research procedures from their smartphones. Dentists who make appointment-setting and bill-pay easier on their patients, keep patients informed, and maintain an online presence enjoy more frequent business.

  1. Dentistry Pro-Consult (Android)

Another resource for dental students, Dentistry Pro-Consult from Georgia Health Sciences University provides step-by-step instruction for each procedure a dental student will have to perform in clinic, including video. You can quickly search for the procedure you need, and bookmark it for future reference. It’s a great tool to help dental students get through school, and may even be valuable for practicing dentists to tighten the screws on their procedures.

As a former Dental Hygienist for a cosmetic dentist, Carolyn has worked with both children and adults—or at least their mouths—keeping their pearly whites white and their smiles bright. Carolyn decided to start freelance writing after realizing that a lot of bad dental habits can be easily prevented with a little proactive education. Now, Carolyn splits her time between tending to the oral health of her patients in her home office and educating her online audience about preventative dental care.