As a practicing dentist who tries to keep up with writing original content for two blogs, this one and my dental practice blog, I am always on the lookout for new topics.  Readers of this blog come here specifically for information about dental practice management and marketing.  After practicing dentistry for nearly 18 years and starting three dental practices from scratch, it is not that difficult to brainstorm topics that may be of interest here.

I have a harder time coming up with topics of interest for the general population on my practice blog.  Obviously, the general population isn’t longing to read about teeth every day!  I have found it beneficial to write blog articles about local events and activities.  My current patients appreciate this information and potential new patients find my blog while searching for local events.

Promoting Local Events

My dental office is currently brainstorming ideas for how to share information about local charities and events that our patients may be involved in.  We are creating a short form for patients to fill out giving the basic details about their charity or event for us to post on Facebook and our blog.  One goal of this effort is to encourage these patients to share our articles on their own Facebook and Twitter accounts.  Another goal is to be indexed highly in search engines when local residents are searching for information about local charities and events.

Sharing Office Happenings

Blog entries do not have to be lengthy.  My office is beginning to pay closer attention to daily happenings at the office to be able to share glimpses into the care our dental office gives.  For example, we are looking to share short stories of how a trip to our office benefited our patients, as well as compliments that patients paid us that day.  Sharing these kinds of experiences can help cut down on the fear many potential new patients have while avoiding the dentist.

If your office maintains a dental blog or any social media accounts, what efforts do you take to attract potential new patients to these sources, and more importantly to your dental chair?