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DudaMobile Makes Setting Up a Mobile-Friendly Site Easy

In recognition of the increasing number of internet searchers exclusively using their smartphones to access websites online, Google has partnered with DudaMobile in an initiative to help website owners make their sites mobile-friendly. The Go Mo initiative provides a tool for website owners to see how their website currently displays on the most popular smartphones, [...]

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Important Timely Reminders for Dentists

As the end of the year approaches, it is time for several reminders that can help make for a smoother, more profitable fourth quarter. As the year draws to a close, treatment plan coordinators need to spend extra time double-checking how much insurance benefit remains prior to calculating patient co-pays. If you follow this blog [...]

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MobileHero Helps Dentists Create Mobile-Friendly Websites

If you have now realized the importance of having a mobile-friendly dental website, you may be wondering how you can make the transition happen smoothly and quickly. MobileHero specializes in helping you market your practice to patients looking for a dentist from their mobile phones. Based in San Francisco but working with dentists across the [...]

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The Importance of Making Your Dental Website Mobile Friendly

Raise your hand if you have ever encountered difficulty while trying to browse a website on your smartphone. Chances are if you regularly use the internet on your phone, you have experienced inconveniences navigating some websites that were clearly not designed for the mobile user experience. In July 2012, Google surveyed over 1,000 adult U.S. [...]

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Dental Practice Management Blog and Podcast Series

If you are looking for another great dental practice management blog to follow, head over to The Curious Dentist, a blog written by Chris Salierno, DDS. His blog contains articles covering clinical dentistry, dental practice management and marketing.   While on his site, I found information on a new series of dental practice management and [...]

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Avoiding the September Slump in Dentistry

Many dental offices find themselves quite busy over the summer, especially with children's dental appointments. My O'Fallon dental office has been buzzing with children for the past three months, but now that school has started here, the schedule begins to thin out. In anticipation of slow times that we often experience in September and October, [...]

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Tracking All New Dental Patient Calls

My dental offices have always kept track of referral sources for new patients who schedule an appointment. Recently, we have initiated a chart to keep track of all new patient inquiries, including those who do not schedule an appointment. We created a simple spreadsheet for the receptionist to fill in whenever a potential new patient [...]

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AACD Give Back a Smile Program

Recently, I participated in the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry's charity Give Back a Smile. The charity exists to restore the smiles of domestic abuse victims who have experienced trauma to the mouth. In my case, a local periodontist performed a bone and tissue graft and I replaced two missing teeth with a partial denture. [...]

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Dentistry’s Business Secrets Called the Bible of Dental Practice Management

I appreciate the recent emails I have received from several dentists who have read Dentistry’s Business Secrets: Proven Growth Strategies for Your New or Existing Practice and the Dental Practice Management & Marketing Tools CDs. I originally began work on the book with a target readership of dental students and new practitioners in mind. However, [...]

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Facebook’s New Promoted Post Advertising Program

Recently, it appears that Facebook has been showing business page posts less and less in the news feeds of people who have “liked” that page. Facebook uses an algorithm called EdgeRank to decide on which business page posts to include in a person’s news feed. This algorithm takes into account how much that person has [...]

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