Creative Commons License photo credit: Dan Harrelson

I have been enjoying the benefits of digital dental x-rays for several years now.  My patients appreciate the very limited radiation exposure, the ability to see their x-rays quickly on a computer screen and the time saved during their dental appointments due to the efficiency of digital x-rays.  My staff and I also appreciate the time saving factor of digital x-rays, but more importantly we appreciate the increased clarity and quality of these x-rays from a diagnostic stand point.


After copious amounts of research, we recently upgraded our digital dental x-ray system.  Though my former system seemed more than acceptable to me in terms of clinical precision, the enhanced clarity of the new x-rays has surprised and delighted me.  We are thus able to detect decay at an earlier stage, and thereby treat cavities more conservatively when they are smaller.


Along with the new x-ray sensors has come a software upgrade loaded with doctor and patient benefits.  This intriguing new technology allows the dentist to enhance images and magnify areas of concern for the patient to see clearly what the doctor is prescribing and why.  It even permits me to outline decay using a colored circle on the image.  It is important for me that my patients understand the need for treatment and the ways in which we propose to improve their dental condition.  I am excited and proud to offer this new technology in my dental practice and hope that my patients will continue to realize my commitment to quality care in the most conservative manner possible!