Dentistry’s Business Secrets: Proven Growth Strategies for Your New or Existing Practice is available for purchase here. Please watch the video and read the rave reviews below.

Dentistry’s Business Secrets by Dr. Ed Logan is a gift to dentistry. If you are a struggling or brand new practice, this book just might be the inspiration you need to help turn things around!
If you are a dentist who is ready to seriously grow your practice, Dentistry’s Business Secrets will certainly help you reach your goals! Written by a real dentist who has “been there and done that,” we consider this book a MUST READ for anyone in our profession!
In a well written and easily understood book, Dr. Ed Logan has answered in a practical way many of the most important questions about dental practice. The information in the book will be valuable to practitioners of all ages.
Finally! A book that gives step by step instructions for operating an efficient and effective dental practice. Whether you are a brand new dentist or a seasoned dental professional, the systems outlined in this book will not only help you become more profitable, but will actually make your chosen profession more enjoyable. Don’t just read this book, but implement the systems outlined in it and enjoy the success that follows. This book is a must read for every dental professional.
This is a must read for every dentist, no matter where you are in your career! Dr. Logan relates the principles of profitability that create successful practices in a very systematic approach, all the while showing you how to avoid the costly mistakes that so many dentists have endured.
Dentistry’s Business Secrets reaches out to the dental professional on a personal and practical level, establishing common ground in our battle to achieve practice growth and success through the application of tried and true principles.
I have been a practicing CPA for 36 years. Our firm has a successful niche working with over 300 dentists and dental specialists. Dr. Logan has written a cookbook that should be mandatory reading for all fourth year dental students. It would also serve as a great resource for those who have been in practice, no matter the length of time. This book covers every topic of concern to a dentist and almost nothing covered in the book is taught in dental school. Kudos to Dr. Logan.
Dentistry’s Business Secrets provides a wealth of knowledge based upon personal, practical experience. A must read for the new dentist and those re-evaluating their own practices.
I wish I would have had this book years ago! Most of this information I learned by trial and error (school of hard knocks). An informative and enjoyable read!
Ed Logan is a great business person who happens to be a dentist, and therein lies his value to us as his readers. Dentistry’s Business Secrets is a game plan for turning your dental practice into a thriving business. One of the best practice development investments you will ever make!
Dentistry’s Business Secrets is a true compendium of business best practices they did not teach you in dental school. If you own a dental practice, manage a dental practice or are considering purchasing or starting your own dental practice, you need this book!
Dr. Logan cleverly and humorously shares his personal anecdotes in a style that is honest and genuine, drawing upon his own personal successes and relating them in a manner that can be applied on Monday morning in your own office.
This book is a valuable resource that makes management at every level a whole lot easier. Do yourself a favor and keep Dr. Logan’s Dentistry’s Business Secrets within arm’s reach on your desk!
I’m about half way through right now. To be honest, I’m pretty blown away so far. This is EXACTLY the kind of book that would be helpful to graduating students. I will continue to recommend this book to not only my current accounts, but new dentists interested in setting up their own practice.
Kathryn Regal, Patterson Dental Representative