For nearly two decades, Dr. Edward Logan has been involved in the research and testing of new ideas for the successful growth of multiple dental practices.  In this time, Dr. Logan has attended numerous seminars, read countless articles and engaged in conversations with like-minded health care providers.  Realizing that privately owned health care practices in multiple fields of medicine share many of the same needs and goals; Dr. Logan has sought input from general dentists, dental specialists, chiropractors, optometrists, ophthalmologists, family physicians, pediatricians and nurse practitioners.

Over the years through starting three successful dental practices from scratch, Dr. Logan has created many resources that prove extremely valuable to private health care professionals.  These efforts have inspired his new book, Dentistry’s Business Secrets:  Proven Growth Strategies for Your New or Existing Practice.  In addition to this manuscript, a Resource CD will be available for purchase in early 2011.  This CD includes vital business aids such as:  Employee Interview Questions, Questions to Ask References, a Verification of Insurance Benefits Checklist, an Annual Marketing Calendar, an Employee Manual, New Patient and Treatment Plan Forms, a Dental Vendor Resource List and a Guide to the Successful Implementation of Search Engine Optimization for Dental Practice Websites.

Soon to follow will be the availability of essential resources to aid providers in multiple other fields of health care.  These materials will be of benefit to professionals looking to grow their practices to optimum profitability.  In addition, an extensive handbook entitled, The Internet Guide for the Small Business Health Care Provider, will provide valuable tools for creating and enhancing a powerful online presence.  In this day of information technology, we know that capitalizing on the value of the Internet is the newly crowned king of successful practice marketing.  This crucial guidebook highlights concepts Dr. Logan has honed over the past decade to advance his dental practice websites to the top spots on Google and Yahoo! when a search for a local dentist is performed.  This book was intentionally written in a language that can be understood by those who work outside the field of technology because it was written by a dentist, not an Internet insider.   Please continue to follow my dental practice management blog for updates on when these profitable materials are available for purchase.  Or, you can sign up on the right to receive an email when these items are released.   We look forward to making these resources accessible to you to help propel your practice to the next level!