With so many competing dental product suppliers and material choices, how do we determine what to buy and from whom to buy these items?  One highly effective method is to research dental equipment and materials by attending a lecture sponsored by CR Foundation, available via www.cliniciansreport.org.  One such seminar supplied me the reference guide, Cutting-Edge Products for Clinical Excellence, outlining hundreds of product choices and contact information for the particular company manufacturing or supplying each product.  I consulted this list for many of my initial material choices in my current dental practice and continue to revisit it from time to time.  This outline simplifies the initial ordering process by centralizing a vast network of dental manufacturer contact information in one source.  It also serves to reinforce all the materials you will need to complete every dental procedure you will be offering in your practice.  The least beneficial time to discover that you need a dual-cure cement on hand is when the post is ready to be cemented.

Gordon J. Christensen Clinicians Report, formerly CRA Newsletter, is a periodical edited by Dr. Gordon Christensen, a pioneer in dental industry research.  Clinicians Report offers an online subscription option with full search and cross referencing capabilities of the past 30 years of CR test results.  This provides dentists the ability to search specifically for any product they are considering and consult issues related to its testing.  When opening my current dental office, I ordered two years of back issues of CRA Newsletter and made purchasing decisions based on my research.  This is a very practical tool as it eliminates manufacturer bias and reports only those findings of our professional peers.