The immediate answer to this question from at least four out of five dentists is a resounding, “Yes!” Staff meetings and morning huddles seem to be the bane of our existence, if you ask most practice management consultants. When it comes to managing staff and daily business-related issues, most dentists find it important to address concerns and protocol in a formal manner.

While I believe it is important to value and include the thoughts and opinions of staff members, something that is all too often overlooked in most staff meetings; this can be done more productively when the situation arises. Morning huddles can achieve most of your goals and provide efficient handling of daily issues, but this can also be accomplished by discussing goals just prior to entering the operatory. This way the message is still very fresh in the employee’s mind and you have not wasted payroll expense while three-quarters of the staff day-dreams before the caffeine has had a chance to kick in. Get your team involved, not bored.