While our dental school training has provided us with the knowledge and resources needed to provide top-notch dentistry, many of us graduated from dental school without a clue as to how to run a private practice. For those of us lucky enough to have participated in some business training, there is still a lot to learn. One particular area of private practice that is often difficult for dentists is interviewing and hiring new employees.


I recently came across an interesting article in Yahoo’s Finance section regarding common interview questions that are actually illegal. Avvo.com provides an additional article that highlights other illegal interview questions. It is beneficial to be aware of these questions as they might be asked in all innocence as you try to get to know your potential new employee.


Dentistry’s Business Secrets provides a list of appropriate dental interview questions, as well as questions to ask a reference on our Dental Practice Management Tools CD. These sets of questions are also available as an individual download by clicking “Add to Cart” below.


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