Dental Managment Book 3D CoverAre you looking for the perfect graduation gift for a dental school student? Might I suggest Dentistry’s Business Secrets: Proven Growth Strategies for the New or Existing Practice? In the early brainstorming sessions for what content to include in the book, I asked myself “What information would have been the most helpful to me as I graduated dental school?” My initial Table of Contents draft came from answering that very question. After four years of undergraduate work and an additional four years of dental school training, students graduate with the knowledge and experience needed to care for the dental health needs of their patients. However, what is lacking after graduation is a knowledge of all of the business aspects needed to make decisions about how to start out in dentistry and how to pursue owning and running your own dental practice.

Dentistry’s Business Secrets covers the critical information needed for a new dentist including:

  • How to make early decisions on becoming an associate, buying an existing practice or creating a new dental practice,
  • How to find the right location and practice opportunities,
  • How to recruit and manage employees,
  • How to deal with dental insurance,
  • How to efficiently manage your time inside and outside the office,
  • How to attract new patients and
  • How to harness the Internet to continue to grow your dental practice.

For more information, you can peruse the Table of Contents here.