baltimore Recently, I had the great pleasure of attending The Madow Brothers’ two day
course, You Can be a Dental Speaker and what I learned was immensely beneficial. The Madow Brothers crammed so much useful information into these two days that I felt like I could walk away from the seminar with more knowledge than most speakers who have been on the circuit for many years. There was no fluff, only critical pearls that any speaker could put to practice immediately. I was also impressed with how Dave and Rich kept the attendees comfortable by welcoming even the most personal questions about what it took for them to reach the pinnacle of the dental speaking community.

I could tell that the Madows truly wanted to help us succeed and they were not
concerned about arming the competition with certain secrets that could have been kept for
themselves. I would highly recommend this seminar to anyone interested in speaking for a
career as well as those seeking a more professional and impactful way to present treatment
plans, deliver presentations or make toasts. The Madow Brothers’ humorous, candid and
entertaining style makes any of their seminars beneficial, fun and a great value.
The five greatest things I learned at You Can be a Dental Speaker were:

  1. How to overcome stage fright once and for all,
  2. How to create a captivating introduction,
  3. How to fashion an amazing “elevator speech” that summarizes your course for the meeting planners looking to hire you,
  4. How to handle questions from “that guy” and
  5. How to get the audience on your side and entertain them in the process.

If you ever wish to improve your ability to communicate with your patients or go a step
further and speak for a living, please go see The Madow Brothers’ You Can be a Dental
Speaker. You’ll be glad you did.