About Dr. Logan

Dr. Edward Logan is a general and cosmetic dentist practicing in O’Fallon, Missouri. Dr. Logan graduated from the University of Washington School of Dentistry in 1993 and has since built three successful practices from scratch, one in Southern California and two in the Midwest.

Dr. Edward Logan provides a no-nonsense approach to establishing a successful dental practice with candid observations from his successful career. He shares humorous personal anecdotes in a style that is honest and genuine and can easily be used to build your own practice.

Dr. Logan relates the principles of profitability with proven strategies and explains how to avoid costly mistakes so many dentists have endured. Through his book, CDs, speaking engagements and individual consulting, Dr. Logan will show you how to build a successful business without sacrificing the things you love.

Dr. Logan offers telephone consulting and a wide array of practice management materials. He is available for continuing education instruction as well as special appearances.