Email newsletters provide my dental office with an inexpensive and easy way to communicate with patients.  Gone are the days of paying a company to design, print and mail a patient newsletter.  With the varied templates and user friendly editing process provided by many email newsletter service providers, designing and sending an email newsletter has become a simple in office task.


In order to comply with spam regulations, email newsletter service providers require that your patients opt-in to receive emails from your office.  We handle this by providing our dental patients with a short form to include their email and signature verification that they are willing to receive appointment reminders and email news from our office.


Email newsletters allow us to share information on any current promotions or new features in the office.  These newsletters also provide a great way for us to remind patients to connect with us through our various social media outlets.  The patient is online when receiving the newsletter by email and can therefore quickly jump over to Facebook or Twitter to follow us there.


There are many companies providing this service now.  TopTenReviews has a recent comparison of email marketing service providers.  I dropped by MailChimp’s site and learned that they are providing a “Forever Free Plan” for businesses with less than 2,000 email subscribers.  If your practice hasn’t already begun to take advantage of email newsletters, MailChimp’s free offer might be a great way to start.