If you are unfamiliar with Facebook Pages, this is a function created to allow businesses to have a Facebook presence. A Facebook Page is different than a Facebook personal profile. With a personal profile, users “friend” other users. With a Facebook Page, those who wish to follow a business’ Facebook updates must choose to “like” the Facebook Page of the business. My Facebook Page is located at www.facebook.com/ofallondentist if you want to see an example of a Facebook Page for a dental office.

Facebook has recently revamped their Facebook Pages layout. Page owners were able to test the new features in the past month and all Facebook Pages will be converted to this new format on March 11th. The new features make using Facebook Pages much more user friendly and provide a better layout.

Facebook Page users are now able to switch from their Facebook personal profile to their Facebook Page with ease through the Account tab in the upper right hand corner. Simply click on “Account” and choose “Use Facebook as Page,” then click “Switch.” This will allow you to post straight to your Facebook Page with your business identity rather than your personal profile. You can set a default to always post to your Facebook page as your business page, rather than your personal profile. To do this, choose “Edit Page” in the upper right hand corner and then choose “Your Settings.” From there, check the box that indicates you will always post on your Facebook page as your business page even when you are using Facebook through your personal profile.

Facebook now allows Pages to “like” other Pages. This feature provides the user the ability to follow what local businesses and other dentists are promoting on their Facebook Pages. Updates from businesses that you “like” will appear in a stream of updates on your news feed. Facebook Pages are now able to comment on other Facebook Pages as well. In the past, there was no ability for a Facebook Page to comment anywhere. However, you still cannot comment on an individual user’s Facebook personal profile wall.

With this update, Facebook now provides email notifications to Facebook Page users whenever someone interacts with your page by leaving a comment. This feature is helpful in alerting Facebook Page users to check their page for interactions. The layout of Facebook Pages has also been adjusted slightly. Facebook Pages now have the ability to display a photo area at the top of the page similar to those found on personal profiles.

These improvements are a great step in the right direction of making Facebook Pages more useful to businesses. There are still some limitations that I would like to see adjusted, but this is a good start to making Facebook more user friendly to businesses.