Today marks the beginning of the fourth quarter of the year. What is your dental practice doing to finish strong this year?

Dental Marketing Reminders for the End of the Year

  • October can be a good time for new patient postcard marketing. Families who moved to your area over the summer are settled in and ready to find new healthcare providers. November and December see an increase in catalogs and mailings for the holidays and may not be the best time to try to send out postcards in the midst of all of the holiday mail clutter. Plus, families are much busier during these holiday months and may put off dental appointments until schedules calm down. If you do mail postcards during this time, consider changing the text to mention using dental insurance and FSA benefits before the year ends and the benefit is lost.
  • Begin to brainstorm end of the year gift ideas for patients and professionals who refer to your office. Consider a handwritten thanksgiving note to a few patients and professionals who have helped tell others about your office and who have made this year more enjoyable as a dentist.
  • Now is a great time to consider running a special on teeth whitening as patients prepare for holiday pictures. You can mention this to your current patients through social media, email and office flyers. Consider new patient marketing avenues that mention the teeth whitening special as well.
  • Look ahead at your schedule and make sure to leave some appointments available for new patients. December appointments often book early as patients want to take advantage of their insurance benefits before they lose them so your scheduler needs to make an effort to reserve some new patient appointment times during this busy month.
  • If you plan to be open over the holiday break and you still have some appointments available, remind your current patients whose children are overdue to book appointments while their children are out of school.