With Thanksgiving tomorrow, it seems like a good time to discuss giving thanks to your patients and dental colleagues. How do you express thanks when your patients or dental colleagues refer a patient to your practice? I have experimented with various gifts, notes and ways of saying thanks throughout my twenty year career, but I have found that the most important aspect is for it to be personal and genuine. An organized referral reward system helps to ensure that expressing thanks is remembered, but a personal note, phone call, conversation or personalized gift seems to be more appreciated and memorable than a token gift that everyone receives upon referring a new patient to your office. As the year draws to a close, take a look at your referral reports to see which patients and specialists have made the most effort to send new patients your way this year and make sure that you have expressed your gratitude.

Who are you thankful for this holiday season? Who has helped to grow your practice this year and made your career more enjoyable? How do you express thanks?