Google Apps provides an easy avenue for work email addresses that are tied to your dental practice’s website domain. If you need less than 10 email addresses, the service is free. Once you have followed the steps to set up email addresses from your domain to be run through Google Apps, your employees can log into Gmail from Google’s home page.

Google will walk you through the steps to complete this process, but here is a summary of the steps you will take.

  1. Have or obtain a domain name that you can manage the domain name system (DNS) for. Providers like and most others provide these DNS services for free, and they can easily be managed with the provider’s admin interface.
  2. Create a Google Apps account with your domain name. You will create an administrator account as part of this.
  3. Prove to Google that you own this domain by following one of the steps outlined here.
  4. Set your mail delivery (MX) DNS records to Google’s mail servers. This makes mail sent to your domain go to Google’s servers. They walk you through this and tell you what to set them to. This change is done on the domain admin page for or whoever you bought your domain through.
  5. Optionally, set a custom URL to access your corporate sign-in page. Users can also just sign in with their full email address on the standard Google sign-in page.
  6. Signed on to the administrator account, you can click the “settings” gear (the one below the menu bar), and select “Manage this domain”, and that will take you to the Google Apps administration dashboard. From there you can manage users, including creating, disabling, deleting accounts, resetting passwords, etc.

Special thanks to Jerry McKittrick for his help with this article.