In my book Dentistry’s Business Secrets: Proven Growth Strategies for Your New or Existing Practice, I encouraged dentists to try to find a domain name that included their city name plus the word dentist. This piece of advice was not always easy to follow as most domain names  matching this criteria were already reserved in major cities. However, Google has recently released a new algorithm filter that is penalizing some websites that contain an Exact Match Domain. An Exact Match Domain occurs when your domain name contains the main words for which you are trying to optimize your website to be found in online searches. So, for a dentist in San Diego who wants to attract local patients searching for “San Diego dentist,” a domain name that includes the words San Diego dentist might now be penalized by Google. Google’s goal is to filter out low quality websites that exist solely to make revenue off of ads and that do not contribute to a positive user experience. However, there are quite a few stories of good quality websites with exact match domains being negatively affected by this latest attempt by Google to clean up spammy websites. If your website contains an exact match domain, have you noticed a decline in your Google results this month?