Bolster Your Dental Practice with Guest Blogging

4 simple tricks for establishing a professional presence online

According to comScore, global leader in measuring the digital world, Americans execute approximately 19 billion searches per month via the internet. If you own a dental practice and are hoping to expand your patient list, that statistic should tell you that your potential patients are using the internet, not the telephone book or print advertising, to find a local dental office. This means that it’s vital that your website, not your competitions, appear at the top of Google search rankings in order to drive local traffic to your business.

OK, web traffic might be important, but you’re a dentist not a blogger. So how can you be expected to get more potential patients to your website? And how do you go about guest blogging? As a blogger versed in search engine optimization, I’m more than happy to help you out with guest blogging opportunities by sharing 4 simple tips and tricks that I learned from working in the internet marketing industry.

1. Quality content is key

As a busy dentist you might not have time to write guest blogs on top of making dentures and zapping cavities. Regardless of if you, the dentist, write the guest blogs, if you delegate this task to an eager intern, or even pay a blogger to do it on your behalf—content is content and as long as it’s quality content with an expert edge most websites would be happy to publish it.

2. Make guest blogging a priority

The most challenging aspect of maintaining a business blog is the time it takes. Most dental practices don’t have an individual on staff that can take time out of their busy day to write a blog. With time constraints in mind, your competition doesn’t have the time either, but if they are blogging that means they will rank higher than you in the search engines, which means people searching locally for dental offices will always find your competition first. So even though guest blogging might not be a priority in your day; it doesn’t mean you can’t delegate it as a priority to your intern or pay a blogger to contribute weekly guest blogs for your purposes.

3. Prioritize with established blogs

Now that you’ve got a person to write guest posts for you—you’ll need to find blogs to contribute your articles to. Keeping in mind that entrepreneurs have limited time, I recommend designating blog posts to already established blogs that have expert authority. You can do this by simply searching Google for designated search terms (or niche topics). For example, dental offices should rank for terms like “cosmetic dentistry”, “preventing cavities”, “preventing tooth decay,” etc. See what blogs come up in the search engines using your niche search queries. The blogs that appear first and second should be considered expert blogs that dominate your desired space. Start by pitching to those.

4. Brainstorm among experts

Who are the experts in your dental field? Well, you and your staff are of course! Have a staff meeting and ask employees to jot down people they know within the dental industry who have websites. You could also ask which websites they consult for research, etc. Now reach out to those websites to see if they would be interested in featuring a guest post and forging a professional relationship.

Guest posting is a win-win situation for blog and dental practice owners. Think of it like this: the blog owner is getting free, expert content from a professional source that they didn’t have to write or pay for—and you (the entrepreneur) are establishing a presence on the web that will boost your dental website and ensure your local traffic finds you online.

About The Guest Author

Caeden M MacGregor is a staff writer for Prestige Marketing, a company that focuses on internet marketing in Vancouver. Caeden has written for numerous blogs on a variety of topics ranging from guest blogging to landing page optimization.