Image courtesy of Stuart Miles /

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles /

Arguably the most productive way to grow your dental practice is by providing over-the-top customer service. Striving to achieve first class customer service in your office requires time, energy and commitment, but can yield greater returns on investment than any other form of practice marketing.

Dr. Tom Orent, owner of Gems Publishing, USA is a dentist who has pioneered groundbreaking ideas on the dental practice customer service front. In his publication, Getting to Yes, Fast!, Dr. Orent details the importance of creating a guest mentality with each patient. He advises,

“From the moment a patient walks through your door, until the time he/she leaves your office pretend he/she is a guest in your home.” He adds, “Case acceptance is not readily improved by learning the proper closing techniques. The close starts from the minute they enter your practice – perhaps even before.”

Dr. Orent maintains an insightful dental marketing blog and you can find more information and tips there.

Recently, one of my patients relayed the wonderful experience her family has had at a local orthodontist office while her teenage son is receiving treatment there. Knowing that there are several different orthodontic treatment routes, she took her son to four different orthodontists to discuss treatment plan options before choosing an orthodontist. The last office she visited immediately became her number one choice. The other offices enticed her son with patient reward programs, but the orthodontist she eventually chose did not offer anything like that. His office simply offered superb customer service from an entire staff that went out of their way to make them feel like guests in their home. This feeling wasn’t just for show as they tried to sell them the case. Every visit and phone call they have made has been equally pleasant which has led her to go out of her way to refer her friends and write positive online reviews. Providing top notch patient care from every member of the office will lead to more new patients who have been steered there by this happy patient.