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If you treat children in your dental office, June may be a busy time for you. Parents of many of my young patients schedule their children’s check-ups for December and June over school vacation breaks. Even if your dental office is busy this month, it is always a good idea to keep marketing efforts in mind to avoid a drastic slowdown in the fall.

While you are treating your families to gentle, compassionate dental care, make sure you have some internal marketing procedures in place to keep your patients happy. If you experience an increase in young patients during June, make plans to have a more kid-friendly waiting area during this month. Purchase some extra coloring books, story books, toys and kids’ prizes to have on hand. If possible have your scheduler think through not scheduling adult patients during a time that your office may be overrun with children. You may need to have your office cleaned a bit more over the summer months as well if you are treating an increased number of children.

The summer months are often a good time to brainstorm and enact referral reward programs. Young families can be some of the best sources of new patient referrals for a dentist who sees patients of all ages. In the past, my dental practices have given away gas gift cards during the summer months to patients who refer a new patient. This has been a popular thank you item over the summer when gas prices rise and families spend more money on gas. What does your dental practice do to ask for referrals and thank your patients who make the effort to refer new patients?

Take the time this month to run an overdue recall report and contact families whose children are overdue for a check-up to see if they want to appoint over the summer break. You can use postcards, phone calls or emails to remind patients. It is also a good idea to make use of any social media venues you participate in, like Facebook or Twitter, to remind patients to schedule over the break.

Many families choose to move over the summer break in order for their children to start a new school in the fall. If you do not already have a reliable new mover mail system in place, it is a good time to look into this type of a campaign in order to attract summer movers. Historically, September and October can be a slow time in many dental offices so take steps now to avoid a slump.

Years ago, my dental practice began to keep a Monthly Marketing Calendar to ensure we continue our marketing efforts even during busy times. This Monthly Marketing Calendar can be found on the Dentistry’s Business Secrets’ Practice Marketing Tools CD, along with many other great resources.