If you have now realized the importance of having a mobile-friendly dental website, you may be wondering how you can make the transition happen smoothly and quickly. MobileHero specializes in helping you market your practice to patients looking for a dentist from their mobile phones. Based in San Francisco but working with dentists across the country, MobileHero helps you get your practice in front of the now tens of millions of Americans who use their Smartphone daily to look for local businesses, including dentists.

MobileHero does this by building you a beautiful mobile web presence that utilizes all of the content, images and branding from your existing website, while adding new mobile-specific features, like:

  • Click-to-call button, so users can call your practice with one click of a button,
  • Mobile maps that leverage the GPS capabilities of Smartphones, so you get fewer “where are you located?” calls and more patients show up on time,
  • A one-click button to enable patients to write a Yelp review of your dental office right from their phone, right from the office, resulting in more positive reviews on the websites that actually matter.

For an example mobile site created by MobileHero, navigate to www.new32dental.com from your Smartphone.

MobileHero also has the ability to market your practice to prospective patients when they are searching for a local dentist from their mobile phone. Increasingly, people are turning to their phone to find a dentist, and MobileHero’s mobile marketing plan can help your practice appear at the top of the search results, resulting in more new patient phone calls to your practice. Because they are searching on a phone, the marketing ROI can be tracked very accurately – and the new patient phone calls can even be recorded so you can link your marketing spend to production.  All calls originating from the mobile device can be recorded and tracked, enabling the doctor to assess how the front desk is doing. This is especially useful for doctors who are currently working on front desk training, either as a practice priority for themselves or with a consultant.

For more information, you can visit MobileHero’s website.


Mobile Overview / Useful Statistics and Trends
-More than 50% of US adults now own a Smartphone (that’s almost 80 million Americans)
-By next year, more people are expected to access the web from their phone than their computer (Source: Gartner, 2010)
-75% of customers prefer a mobile-friendly site (Source: Google, July 2012)
-61% of consumers will leave a mobile site if they can’t find what they are looking for right away (Source: Google, July 2012)


Mobile Dental Website Giveaway and Discount

MobileHero has graciously offered a giveaway and discount to our readers. They are offering the following to readers who leave a comment on our blog and contact MobileHero directly:
1) Free mobile website for the first two (2) dentists who call MobileHero and reference this  blog post after commenting below. MobileHero will waive the setup fee of $499, but the dentist will be responsible for a small monthly hosting fee.
2) A 35% discount off the setup fee for all blog readers who comment below and reference this blog article when contacting MobileHero from now through November 30, 2012.