In this busy world of social media, blogs and review websites, it’s increasingly important to take steps to monitor your online reputation and overall web presence. In a future blog article, I will discuss dealing with negative patient reviews, but for this post I would like to focus on tools that can help you monitor your overall web presence.


Google Alerts

Google Alerts is a simple free tool that can be used to deliver email messages to you whenever your chosen search time is found online. We have set up alerts for a variety of combinations of my name, as well as for terms like “O’Fallon dentist.” You can choose to receive alerts immediately, daily or weekly.


Google Blog Search Engine

The Google Blog Search Engine provides a search tool that analyzes whether your company or website has been mentioned within the blogs it tracks.


Social Mention

Social Mention provides a free tool that searches major social media sites, blogs, comment sections and forums for any public mention of the search terms you enter. At one time, Social Mention also provided alerts similar to Google Alerts, but this feature is currently disabled.



Pinterest is quickly becoming a major addiction for many users and a great option for sharing content from websites. To monitor whether anything from your website has been “pinned” on Pinterest, type “” into the URL of your internet browser. For instance, this website would enter “”