Each September, our dental office, like many others across the nation, faces the possibility of a September slump.  After noticing this pattern develop over the years, my office designed a marketing calendar to keep us on track in marketing activities to avoid this downward trend on the schedule.  In the past, I have taken off a week in September to keep the schedule consolidated for the other weeks that month.  After using up vacation days over the summer, my staff is less desirous of having a week off in early September.


This year, as in years past, we offered a discount on treatment to patients who had a treatment plan but had not scheduled their appointments.  In early September, a discount offer was emailed to patients who were identified as falling within this category.  Also, my office manager informed patients who came into the office and who had a treatment plan created during this time.


The discount offer was a great success, quickly filling a fairly empty restorative schedule. With over three weeks remaining within the offer period we only have a few restorative appointments available.  If your office is currently facing a schedule slowdown, a restorative discount might be a good idea to consider.  If you are interested in our Dental Marketing Calendar it is available on the Dentistry’s Business Secrets’ Practice Management Resources for Dentists CD.