OralID Cancer Screening LIght

OralID Cancer Screening LIght

Last year my dental office invested in an OralID screening light that detects oral cancer at its earliest stages. I am using this light now in virtually all of my new patient and recall exams. The overwhelming response from patients to this new piece of high-tech equipment has been,” Wow, that’s really cool!” I am really excited to provide this service to my patients and for them to be so aware of the importance of this screening method to their dental and general health. When oral cancer is detected early, there is a much greater treatment success.

The oral cancer screening light is also highly effective at ruling out false positives. This becomes a great tool for me in the exam phase as it allows me to put the patient at ease when either of us discovers a suspicious lesion in the mouth. This can eliminate the need for the patient to return in one to two weeks for reevaluation of the lesion and can alleviate their concerns quickly. Using the OralID screening light can also prevent unnecessary trips to the oral surgeon for biopsy.

It is important to screen teenage patients as well as they are the demographic most on the rise for contracting oral cancer because of their exposure to Human Papillomavirus (HPV). The OralID screening light is highly specific at pointing out HPV. This is especially important because 60% of newly detected oral cancers are associated with HPV.

I am very happy to now be able to provide this service for my patients. It puts me at ease knowing I’ve done all I can do to combat this insidious disease when we discover it in the oral cavity. If you are considering an oral cancer screening light, customer support from OralID has been fantastic for this product.

What oral cancer screening techniques or devices are you using in your dental office?