As it relates to the profitability of our practices, we as dental health professionals commonly undervalue the importance of reducing and controlling our overhead.  Routinely, the focus is on increasing our production, and for the truly savvy, improving collection percentage.  While these factors are clearly imperative to maximizing that which we take home, lowering overhead can also serve to moderate the stress involved with running a dental practice.

One efficient way to achieve overhead control is to hire a staff which is completely part-time.  Operating in an economy in which the stated unemployment rate is approaching 10%, while the true rate may be closer to 17%, workers are happy to secure a position of nearly any type.   This is particularly true of job opportunities for those lacking advanced or specialized degrees.  Retaining staff on a part-time basis allows doctors to avoid high-cost benefit programs, overtime pay and dollars lost to the inefficiency of salaried positions.  Stress reduction occurs by eliminating the headaches related to staff discord and discontent.   Additionally, the doctor is not forced to work hours beyond that which are desired simply to conform to the longings of the staff.  Running a profitable dental practice does not require us to out-produce our peers, yet only to more efficiently manage our businesses.