Online reviews can serve as a wonderful resource for attracting new dental patients. When considering which patients to ask to write an online review, we choose patients who have been coming to our office for an extended period of time and who are complimentary. Before sending an email requesting a review, our front office manager personally asks the patient while they are in the office if they would be willing to write a review so that this email is not unsolicited.

My dental office uses the following email script when asking patients to write an online review.

We have found online reviews to be a wonderful way of setting new patients at ease before they come into our office. Many people fear the dentist and are comforted by reading positive experiences from other patients. Since you are a valued, loyal patient, we thought you might be the perfect person to ask to help us in this way. Would you be willing to contribute a positive online review of our office?


This initial paragraph is followed with a link to the web page where a patient can write a review. The link takes them directly to our dental practice’s listing on whichever review site we are sending them to so that they don’t have to take any time to search around for our office. We also include simple directions as to how to fill out the review.


My dental office sends patient reviewers to a variety of review sites, but only one site per patient. If the patient has a Yahoo! or SBCGlobal email address, we ask them to write a Yahoo! review since they already have an account with Yahoo! If the patient has a Gmail account, we ask them to write a Google review on our Google Places listing. For all other patients, we divide the review requests between InsiderPages, CitySearch, MerchantCircle and Yelp. Our goal is to make the process of writing a review as simple as possible.