Building Trust in Your Dental Patients

       In the end, a patient’s decision to schedule proposed treatment is all about trust.  This trust relationship begins well before the patient ever enters your office door.  It begins with the initial exposure a patient has to your practice, whether in the form of a postcard mailer or by way of referral from a [...]

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Dental Patient Education through Technology

There are numerous ways in which a doctor can help patients to understand the need for their proposed dental care.  Properly educating patients is a critical component of successful treatment plan presentation in today’s dental office environment.  Countless teaching aids are marketed to assist dentists with this endeavor.  One of the more simplistic modes of [...]

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What’s In a Name?

My front office manager does a great job in greeting every patient by name when they first walk through the door. If she is currently on the phone or with another patient, an attempt is still made to greet the patient and let them know we will be with them right away. My hygienist or [...]

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The Importance of Collecting Co-Pays at Time of Service

Figuring accurate dental treatment co-pays is particularly tricky due to the complexity of dental insurance industry policies such as UCR and treatment downgrades. When figuring accurate co-pays, the treatment coordinator will need to take into account deductibles, yearly maximums, percentage of coverage, UCR and downgrades. This process can be difficult at first and leads many [...]

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Top Ten Questions to Ask References

As a follow-up to my earlier post on interview questions to ask when hiring an employee in a dental office, I am including questions that I often ask when I call a reference. Contacting former employers, especially if it is a dentist the employee formerly worked for, can result in a game of phone tag. [...]

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