Best Apps for Dentists – Guest Post

2012's Best Apps For Dentists Put your smartphone to work in your dental practice Administrative costs can be killer for a private dental practice; anything that makes the bean-counting and paperwork load lighter on a dentist’s office will save you time and money. These smartphone apps can make your dental practice leaner and more efficient, [...]

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Dental Patient Education through Technology

There are numerous ways in which a doctor can help patients to understand the need for their proposed dental care.  Properly educating patients is a critical component of successful treatment plan presentation in today’s dental office environment.  Countless teaching aids are marketed to assist dentists with this endeavor.  One of the more simplistic modes of [...]

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Should I Buy This New Dental Gadget?

Dr. Jumper Vs. Dr. KeeperOne of the limited business lectures I received in dental school taught me the lesson of Dr. Jumper vs. Dr. Keeper. Dr. Jumper is the dentist who becomes enamored with every little pearl marketed to the practice, every piece of new equipment, new technology or new gadget that is promised to [...]

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