Facebook Business Page Change to Timeline

  On March 30, 2012 all Facebook business pages will change to the new timeline feature. Take a moment to read about these changes and upload the pictures you would like before this mandatory change happens. Here is a How-To Guide for New Facebook Business Pages published by PCWorld.   I just updated my O'Fallon [...]

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Facebook Apps for Business Pages

I am looking into using several popular Facebook applications on my dental office and Dentistry's Business Secrets' Facebook pages.  Of particular interest are apps that would allow me to run contest promotions since Facebook's promotion guidelines are so stringent.  If you have experience using a third party app or running a promotion on Facebook, please [...]

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Dental Patient Promotions

Limited time promotions can be a great way to attract new patients and re-appoint current patients during typically slow months.  The month of February often shows a slow down in my dental office schedule.  Patients wanting to take advantage of their remaining dental insurance benefits and time off around the holidays fill the office in December.  January can [...]

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