This is a special guest post from Patrick Toms, DMD, a Gainesville, Georgia dentist.

Nearly everyone these days is on Facebook and currently businesses are utilizing the ubiquitous social network site as a marketing tool. And as a business, a dentist’s office also has the potential to exploit the free advertising opportunities available through Facebook. By utilizing social marketing, you can effectively drive business to your office, increase your return on investment, and expand your brand awareness. Here are some tips on using Facebook in your dental practice.

1. Include the Facebook URL on business cards – When leaving the dentist, most people receive a reminder card for their next appointment. A good way to get the word out about your Facebook page is to place the Facebook URL on the card so patients will be reminded of your social site whenever they look at the card. Similarly, place the URL on standard business cards. Facebook URLs are becoming just as, if not more, important than phone numbers, and a well-placed URL on a card will work wonders for expanding your awareness. You can even customize these URLs to contain your practice name.

2. Promote new blog articles on Facebook – Have you ever considered hiring a communications employee who is primarily responsible for blogging, updating the Facebook page and contributing content? Social media technology moves quickly, so expanding the staff to include a ‘professional Facebooker’ is an effective way to stay ahead of the curve and promote your brand exclusively and consistently.

3. Introduce current and prospective clients to the team – When people move to a new city, they need a dentist. A great way to introduce your staff is through pictures, profiles, and short biographies on Facebook. You can even upload video tours of the facility or of the staff, and customer testimonials to increase your practice’s awareness in the community.

4. Use Facebook as a promotional tool – After you begin to acquire followers on your Facebook page, consider doing something promotional. Have a contest highlighting great smiles and give away things like toothbrushes and floss. One office that currently uses Facebook has previously held a drawing for an iPad. When patients donated winter coats for the homeless, they were entered into the drawing and a winner was chosen. Also, Facebook is a great tool for advertising specials. Consider offering deals like 15% off teeth whitening or other cosmetic procedures.
Communication is the key to solid marketing and currently Facebook is the premier way to communicate. It makes sense that any business, even a dentist’s office, would benefit from using Facebook as a marketing tool. Above I have outlined a few simple ways in which to get the ball rolling on promoting your brand via Facebook.


Patrick Toms DMD is a dentist in Gainesville, Georgia, who offers a wide range of services within North Georgia. Dr. Toms is proud to be a leading sedation dentist in Georgia who also offers routine services like teeth whitening and dental checkups in Gainesville.