I Don’t Need a Nightguard!

This scenario presented itself in my office just yesterday.  I had a patient who admittedly grinds her teeth and shows moderate to advanced wear on all her teeth.  I have recently lowered my dental nightguard fee in an effort to get more of the patient population in need to schedule this treatment.  Her excuse was that if she had the money sitting around somewhere, she would do it.  I shot a quick glance at her Louis Vuitton handbag resting in the chair and the BlackBerry smartphone she couldn’t resist but to answer and had to wonder.  When she finally revealed that she would be taking a two week vacation to Florida next week, my suspicions were confirmed.  It wasn’t that she did not have the money.  It was that I apparently did not do a sufficient job in convincing her of the value of the nightguard and of her real need for it.
So this begs the question: What do you do in your practice to gain treatment acceptance for occlusal guards?