Traditional wisdom states that every five years we as dentists should revisit the design of our waiting rooms. This is one of the most affordable, simplest ways we can give the impression to our patients that our office is staying current of new trends and that we are committed to high quality in our practice. Simply changing out furniture and applying a fresh coat of paint to the waiting room are first steps in giving patients reassurance that our dental office is current and updated. Changing picture location around throughout the office is another way to create a freshness to your office environment. Rearranging furniture and perhaps investing in a new rug or, if needed, a different flooring style enhances this feeling as well.

It can also be a good idea to carry this new theme throughout the remainder of the office. This might not make financial sense to do every five years but perhaps every 7 to 10 years might yield greater return on investment. Patients are often easily impressed by new operatory dental equipment including patient chairs and doctor delivery systems. New color schemes and flooring choices in the back office also present opportunities for patients to see the current feel of your practice.

Not lost in this is the importance of staff impression of the practice owners commitment to the high-tech look and feel of a practice. This makes them feel like they are working in a new environment and may help staff feel revitalized to come into the office. This is, after all, the place in which they spend so much time each week. So why not start the new year off fresh with the idea to create a new environment for your patients, your staff and yourself? It might just be an investment you could enjoy more than anyone else.