I decided to write Dentistry’s Business Secrets: Proven Growth Strategies for Your New or Existing Practice as an attempt to help dentists avoid the many mistakes I have made while developing three practices from scratch over a nearly 20 year career. I was also of the opinion that I could probably write an entire book about the principles relating to the business aspect of dentistry that I never learned in dental school. These are things we all need to know in order to be optimally profitable in our practices, but that most dental schools were not able to find time in their busy curriculum to adequately accommodate. If we are fortunate enough to employ a business manager with a developed sense of business acumen, we are truly blessed. Nonetheless, we as practice owners need to have a firm grasp of these business principles as well, even if it is merely to keep one’s staff in check.

Recently I was pouring over the list of dental product and service categories that were available to exhibitors at the Chicago Midwinter Dental Meeting. It struck me as interesting that of the more than 200 separate categories for dental goods and services, there were only a handful of items relating to the dissemination of business knowledge. Clearly, most of us as dentists are far from MBA’s, but I was overwhelmed at the diversity of disciplines in which we are expected to become experts. With respect to clinical dentistry, the population at large demands that we be a Jack of All Trades, but it is up to us to become a Master of Business.

I was hoping in writing this book that I would be able to provide a detailed and comprehensive guide to starting, growing and successfully managing profitable dental practices, while giving dentists a road map to avoid the expensive pitfalls and headaches associated with taking wrong turns along the way. It was also my desire to provide this dense 439 page manual as an affordable alternative to the multi-thousand dollar practice consultant approach. I am excited to share with you my book, Dentistry’s Business Secrets, and my sincere goal is that you will find it as valuable as I have striven to make it!